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pictures in my mind is a project by german singer/songwriter dennis schütze.

in the early days of 2002 he invited musicians to remix one of his songs, pictures in my mind (originating back in 1998, and included on dennis' actual cd release "2174").
the first manifestation of the project was an audio cd presenting a most interesting diversity of 10 tracks, approaching different styles of popular and/or contemporary electronic music and ranging from drum'n'bass or trance-infected house to (atmo)spherical/beatless sounds, together with the original song by dennis schütze. included also is the remix source material as data files (wav) for further remixing. the files can also be found for free download at the participate pages. see release for ordering the audio cd.

pictures in my mind is an ongoing project: unlike the audio cd, the website steps further into remixing (now vol.2) by providing the source material as well as all new remixes gathered from all over the world.
future volumes (audio cd and/or website) will comprise a selection of new versions, downloadable mp3s, and the documentation of the work-in-progress.
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