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pictures in my mind source material (mono | mp3 @ 320 kb)

vocal track
guitar track

download and use of the tracks is subject to the following:

1. the tracks, in whole or in parts, are intended for remixing and participating in the ongoing project.
2. any use for other commercial projects is prohibited.
3. any use for uncommercial and private projects is free, as long as you name the origins of the material, crediting dennis schütze as the author.
4. contributors to the project (online or cd) get full credits as co-author/remixer. you may include the remix track on your own release(s) as long as it is the same version you made for this project, including the project website adress ( with the track information or liner notes.
5. the whole project is non-commercial and financed on a private level. contributors can not be paid.
6. all money gained from selling the cd is used to cover expenses up to now, and to finance future cd releases.
7. contributors to cd releases will receive 5 free copies.
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